Ultrasonography Symposium

Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey Ultrasonography (EMATUS) Task Group is established under the constitution of Emergency Medicine Associstion of Turkey and since then, aimed to sharing the knowledge. Since first established, this constantly growing family held over 150 training courses, and reached to the colleagues working at intensive care, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, physical theraphy, orthopaedics and anatomy departments as well as emergency medicine departments. During this 10-year period which we have grown up together, over 2500 physicians were first introduced with ultrasonography thanks to EMATUS, took their first theoretical and practical trainings in these courses held by this task group.

In Ultrasonography in Emergency and Critical Care Patient Symposium, noteworthy topics such as use of ultrasonography as a part of routine patient care, newly developed areas of use, tips of academic research performed with ultrasonography and many more are shared with the participants.

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