EMAT Fellowship Criteria and Application (FEMAT)

Fellow of EMAT demonstrates our fellow members’ substantial contribution to Emergency Medicine and the purposes of our organization.

Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon emergency medicine physicians who have shown evidence of outstanding contributions to EMAT, hence emergency medicine.

Fellowship Status Guidelines

  • Fellow status will be valid for 10 years following the approval by EMAT board of directors. After 10 years, the status will be assessed again.
  • In case of EMAT membership cancellation, fellow status will be lost.
  • FEMAT applications can be submitted by individuals, the board of directors may nominate a candidate too.
  • Individuals who are selected for fellowship are recognized as Fellow of Emergency Medicine Association of Türkiye (FEMAT) nationally and internationally.

Fellowship Criteria

Required Criteria: (it is required to meet the all following criteria)

  • Being an Emergency Medicine physician with at least 3 years of experience as a clinician.
  • Being a member of EMAT during the last consecutive 3 years.
  • Not involved in any medical ethics-deontology violation case and a legal lawsuit that would damage the medical profession and emergency medicine.

Additional Criteria: (it is required to meet at least 4 of the following criteria

  • Experience in emergency department management and administrative duties (at least one of these: chair, education coordinator, or administrator in the emergency department).
  • Besides EMAT scientific events and meetings, having taken an active role in national or international health organizations (such as board member, chair of a commission, etc).
  • Being an EMAT board member, president of a medical conference, secretary-general of a medical conference, EMAT commission member, EMAT working group member or representing EMAT in international emergency medicine organizations such as EUSEM, IFEM, ASEM in the past.
  • Being an EMAT course instructor or speaker/moderator in the medical congresses/symposiums that have been organized by EMAT in the last 3 years.
  • Having one of these academic titles; assistant professor, associate professor, or professor.
  • Editor, co-editor, or volume editor experience in either EMAT publications or international emergency medicine publications with their official documentation.

Application Documents

  • Resume that is in the same format as in associate professor applications.
  • Petition letter with original signature and date.
  • Documents proving that you meet all requirements and which additional criteria has been met.
  • A photo should be attached to the resume.
  • All documents listed above should be mailed with delivery confirmation service to EMAT central office secretary. Applicants will not be notified about delivery status by EMAT. Applicants can call our office to get information about delivery status and in which board meeting’s agenda your assessment will take place. (It was implemented with the EMAT board of directors resolve statement on January 12th in 2012 and updated in 2016.)

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