Vision, Mission and Strategy


To develop projects in Emergency Care Systems related fields -emergency rooms, prehospital emergency care, first aid, disaster management, emergency medicine residency training- and to support the improvement of this system in Türkiye.


To be a pioneer and a role model for the world by promoting the development of the entire emergency care systems in Türkiye.


  • To identify the standards of emergency medicine residency training and take it to the highest level.
  • To encourage emergency room doctors to engage in higher residency education and continuing professional development and, establishing the standards of these educational activities.
  • To Encourage the training of all medical doctors and medical school students in emergency medicine and, establishing the standards of these trainings.
  • To assess the social and economic aspects of emergency care services.
  • To raise public awareness about emergency care services (poster, seminar, brochure, radio, magazine, television etc.).
  • To encourage and support basic and clinical researches in emergency medicine.
  • To Promote the rights of emergency medicine physicians to work in both private and public settings.
  • To encourage emergency medicine physicians to be represented in both academic institutions and scientific/medical institutions.
  • To support the leadership roles of emergency medicine physicians in prehospital emergency medical services and disaster management.
  • To establish the quality standards of patient transfer and emergency care in institutions and organizations providing emergency care services and, promoting the coordination in between.
  • To promote the education of entire health care team about “overall quality” in emergency care systems by explaining it philosophy.
  • To contribute to the implementation of continuing medical education programs of emergency physicians and staff for their professional development.
  • To promote a stable work environment that allows emergency doctors can use their skills acquired through education and hands on trainings.

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