EMAT Prof. Dr. Namık Çevik Honor Awards

Emergency Medicine Association of Türkiye (EMAT) was established on May 25, 1995 and has always aimed to be a leading and exemplary institution for the Emergency Medicine associations in the world by ensuring the development of the Emergency Medicine system all over Türkiye. The establishment of Emergency Medicine Specialization in Türkiye was realized thanks to Prof. Dr. Namık Çevik, who opened the doors of Emergency Medicine all over Türkiye with the decision he took in 1993 while he was serving as the Head of Dokuz Eylül University. We aimed to immortalize the name of this valuable academician with an award in the 22nd anniversary of our association, in order to make Prof Dr Namık Çevik be remembered among the unforgettable scientists in the Emergency Medicine family, and to set an example for the younger generations with his physician identity and farsightedness. The award ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the 9th Asian Emergency Medicine Congress, which was held in Türkiye for the first time in 2017, with the participation of all Asian Emergency Medicine Association Presidents. The award ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Namık Cevik, himself, and he expressed how he thought of establishing Emergency Medicine in our country, what kind of difficulties he experienced and how proud he was of the decision he took at that time. Our association decided to immortalize himself by continuing to present this award in his memory, who passed away on 8 November 2018, just one year after this speech and the award ceremony.
Prof Dr Namık Çevik Honor Award is given by voting in EMAT’s board of directors considering the institutionalization of Emergency Medicine specialty in our country, the efforts made for personal rights, its representation in various platforms and the effort given to specialty education in Emergency Medicine.


Year EMAT Prof. Dr. Namık Çevik Honor Awards
2017 Yıldıray Çete, MD., Prof & Cem Oktay, MD., Prof.
2019 Arzu Denizbaşı Altınok, MD., Prof  &  Rıdvan Atilla, MD., Assoc. Prof.
2021 Ahmet Demircan, MD., Prof.


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