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EMCC (Emergency Medicine Core Competencies) Course 9-11th May2024, Izmir

by Murat Ersel
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EMCC (Emergency Medicine Core Competencies) Course 9-11th May2024, Izmir

Dear Colleagues,

EMCC (Emercency Medicine Core Competencies) Course will be held for the first time in Turkey in cooperation with EUSEM (European Association of Emergency Medicine) and EMAT (Emergency Medicne Association of Turkey – TATD).

EMCC is an intensive simulation-based 3-day training course in Emergency Medicine. This course is designed for all clinicians, especially Emergency Medicine Specialists and Residents.

For registration you can contact with course local director;

Dr. Murat Ersel     –      [email protected]

Location: Ege University School of Medicine, Izmir, Türkiye

Course Fee: 570 Euro (VAT included)

Course Instructors:

Dr. Eric Dryver – Sweden

Dr. Gregor Prosen – Slovenia

Dr. Caroline Hård af Segerstad – Sweden

Dr. Öncü Sancak – Sweden

Dr. Murat Ersel – Türkiye

Dr. Ali Kaan Ataman – Türkiye

Dr. Elif Öztürk – Türkiye

Course Format:

It is a 3-day course that includes some didactical lessons, but is mainly carried out with intense scenario and simulation-based group discussions. The language of the course is ENGLISH. A certificate of participation will be given to those who attend the course.

Course Content:

The course aims to hold discussions on various topics through scenario-based group sessions and to conclude the scenario with checklists prepared in accordance with the European Emergency Medicine Core Training curriculum. The course primarily aims to provide participants with the skills to intervene in local emergency scenarios and also make decisions. Along with practical training at resuscitation and interventional stations, participants are provided with the practice of effectively using equipment used in local conditions. All participants receive a spiral-bound course manual book that is updated and expanded annually.

Course Features:

• Program compatible with the European Emergency Medicine Core Curriculum (“Curriculum 2.0”), revised in 2019

• Interactive discussions including clinical scenarios

• Stations containing resuscitation and interventional procedures

Main Topics of the Course:

Resuscitation 1-2-3

Neurologic Examination

Clinical decision making 1-2

Acid-Base & Blood Gase Interpretation

ECG Interpretation

Organization and Communication

Course Fee: 570 Euro (including VAT – price for international participants) 

In this course, which mainly includes practical applications and scenario-based discussions, our participants will have the opportunity for one-on-one practice, the interactive cases will be provided with real scenarios, and it will help for daily emergency practice and patient care.

You can visit also www.emcc.nu website to get information about previous similar courses. Join the EMCC Course on 9-11 May 2024 to improve yourself with European standards and get an internationally recognized certificate with this course, which will be held for the first time in Turkey in cooperation with EUSEM and EMAT.

Total Quota: 24 (Maximum 12 international members)

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